Thursday, July 22, 2010

Update From Wednesday Night...

I think this best sums it up.  This was written by a just-graduated senior in high school who sent this to me on Facebook last night after the worship service:

"OH MY GOSH BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS WAS CRAZY TONIGHT! I haven't gotten that excited in a while!!!! He REALLY used you tonight! At least to get to me that's for sure! I feel like I took Jesus drugs cause I have SO much energy right now and NOTHING seems impossible cause I've got Jesus and Satan's got nothing! It's INSANE when you actually understand that!!! Holy MOLY!" - Elise

There were so many of us there last night worshiping Jesus together.  We also spent time looking at what the Bible tells us about Satan as we started our new series last night ("THE RESISTANCE").  Great start to this series.  Next week we look at what the Bible says about demons.

The Holy Spirit did some stuff last night.  It was outstanding.  In fact, here are couple more things that students said about what Jesus did:

"It was awesome" - Kyle
"It was amazing!!! Even though we were talking about Satan, and we HATE that guy, I just thought it was so encouraging that we should not fear him, but be aware! And the song at the end, "Tear Down the Walls," really hit me and made me think of the people in MY life that need Jesus and seem to be having Satan luring them farther and farther away from God." - Lizzy

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