Thursday, March 4, 2010


ep*ic - heroic; majestic; impressively great.

Last night was the big move.  Elevate moved over to join the midweek worship service and IT WAS EPIC!!! Why? Passionate worshippers! People came ready to BRING IT for Jesus.  But here's the best part:

  • 3 people WALKED FORWARD to surrender to Jesus.  The place went nuts as they came forward.  People were screaming and yelling.  It was awesome.

  • 14 people proclaimed their commitment to Jesus by being baptized, most of them deciding last night to take that step - they went home in wet clothes.

I was so pumped up after it was over.  I just kept saying, "OH MY GOODNESS!!!" I didn't know what else to say.  I wandered around trying to figure out what happened and couldn't figure it out, except that the Holy Spirit did some pretty sweet stuff.  Here's what others said about the evening:

  • "It was cool." - Hunter

  • "Amazing! My friends came and were blown away.  They said they will make sure to be back next week." - Kyle

  • "Elevaters brought a carefree and selfless spirit and renewed energy to The Rising last night.  I'm blown away by God and his presence." - Becca (aka "Blueberry")

  • "Last night was exciting and fresh! Lots of people and explosive worship! I think God is going to use variety between Brian and Josh's messages and Ryan and Jarret as worship leaders, to reach as many as he can! It's growing!" - Courtney

  • "It was great to have all the relationships from camp! It's refreshing and encouraging to see the Lord moving in the lives of students!" - Josh

  • "Simply righteous, with people going forward and the baptisms. Awesome!" - Ken

  • "Filled with joy :)" - Cosmo

  • "It was fantastic! One of the best worship [services] yet! I loved being able to meet new people that were older than me and the baptisms were the best!" - Laura

  • "Pretty fun" - Kyle

Here are some updates I found on Facebook about last night's worship service:

  • "God truly brought me to tears.  His glory, His holiness, His peace and His love has no match! We serve an awesome God :)" - Nicole

  • " I loved tonight.  I want to feel God come alive in my life and I know being around all of you I can find that." - Michael

  • "What an awesome night!! WOW!" - Steven

  • "I love seeing people surrender to Jesus and get baptized!!!!" - Megan

  • "YEAH!!! Tonight was awesome:)" - Christina

  • "Tonight God worked!!!!" - Rebecca

  • "What an amazing night!!!!" - Victoria

  • "Awesome night!" - Bryan Walker

  • "Tonight was out of this world!!! There are no words for the epic service God blessed us with!! Praise Him! God is good... All the time!!!" - Jenn

Keep on praying! God is on the move.  It both freaks me out and gets me pumped about what's next!!!


  1. That's right! Kick Satan directly in the mouth and don't let him get back up.

  2. Praise the Lord! Jarrett was right... This is a time of revival! Keep it up Brian, because God's work has only begun! :D