Thank you so much for stopping by bigbholla.com.  I have to be honest when I say that I feel a little weird about making a website for me.  It started out as a one-page blog that I used as an update for the people who have committed to pray for me and my ministry in teaching others about how incredible Jesus is.  But as I started thinking about it, I thought that this could be a site that gives a little bit more information about me, the ministry that God has called me to, and the things that Christ is teaching me along the way.

I've been involved in ministering to those in the next generation for the past 18 years, and still can't believe that God lets me do what I do.  I've had the joy of being married to the most amazing woman (who loves Jesus and is smokin' hot).  I have two great little boys.  I wash cars and take out the garbage (most of the time).  See, nothing special.  Just Brian.

Thank you for stopping by.

        What a ride,