Sunday, July 4, 2010

Update from Sunday Morning

This morning was OUSTANDING!!!

In my mind I had it set that it would be a low morning at PFB because of it being July 4. Honestly, attendance proved my right, but the people who did come BROUGHT IT! "Elevate" was great. It was low in attendance but praise and worship was led by Melody and an amazing worship team that she put together. They were outstanding and I know that Jesus was pleased. And the students worshipped. So encouraging to see. We looked at the beginning of Philippians 3:1-11 but didn't get to finish because we ran out of time.

Then I preached in the 11:11 service out of Lamentations 3, with the title of the message being, "Time To Experience Freedom." OH MY GOODNESS!!! Jesus definitely had some work he wanted to accomplish today. At the end, two people raised their hands to make public decisions for Jesus. THIS NEVER GETS OLD!!! And then at the end of the message, people "brought it" in praise and worship. So amazing!! Thank you for praying. What a truly amazing day to watch people freed by Jesus. That is true liberty!


  1. Loved the fresh fire you served up on Sunday...though just passing through your message was full of hope and "living water!" God bless all your "love, mercy, grace" home runs, as you keep knocking them out of the park for the Kingdom!

  2. Yeah Jesus for giving a message that was needed by so many, especially me. So glad you were there Sunday. God bless you and yours, brother.