Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Are You A Disciple?

Well, we are up and running at Bass Lake this year. It's been a great start. After a year of incredible growth in the ministry, we are really looking forward to building some tight community. We all arrived here at about 4:00pm. After all of the tent setting up and kitchen prep, the kids jumped in the water and played. It was very fun to see. After dinner, we had a time of worship and study on the beach of Bass Lake - one of my favorite places to worship. Melody Doo is our worship leader this year for Bass Lake, and she is absolutely incredible. She is first and foremost a worshipper of Jesus. That causes us to join her in worship as she enjoys herself at the foot of the throne of Jesus.

Tonight I spoke on this topic: No Christians Allowed. There is a major difference between believing in God and being a DISCIPLE of Jesus. The key things that disciples of Jesus will do are:

1). Touch Lepers - they will touch and reach out to "The Living Dead" - those that everyone else seems to ignore.

2). Befriend "sinners" - they will look to befriend "sinners" rather than condemn them. It is not a license to engage in sin, but rather love Jesus more than anything and therefore reaching out to those that he loves but don't know him yet.

3). Tick-off Pharisees - There will be legalists who call themselves Christians who will not like us reaching out to the "sinners" because of personal preference. However, we are in good company if we tick off the Pharisees because that's exactly what Jesus did.

It's a good start. It was hard-hitting, but these students are used to straight-up teaching and handle it amazingly well. They were left with having to count the cost of truly following Jesus. We'll see what types of decisions are made before the week is done. Thank you for praying. Keep it up.

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