Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Prayer for This Week

I need your prayers this week. It is a crazy week this week. Please pray for the following:

1). I am officiating a funeral service today. I always love the opportunity to preach at funerals but they are always tricky. Please pray.

2). I'm leaving this Wednesday for Bass Lake for our high school retreat. It's always such a great week but we need to pray for the Spirit of God to lead this retreat once again. Life change is what I want to see happen as well as to see tighter community within the high school ministry.

3). On the Sunday when students are coming back home from Bass Lake, I will be driving out to Santa Cruz to speak to junior highers for a week. Please pray for God's anointing as I teach.

Also, please pray for me. I'm feeling spiritually attacked right now which I see as a huge compliment because the Enemy only messes with those who are messing with him, but it is always a battle nonetheless. Thank you so much for how you care for me through prayer. It truly makes all the difference.


  1. God is good all the time. Praying for you.

  2. Thank you so much, Sheilah. I appreciate it.