Monday, July 19, 2010

Please Be Praying...

Well it's been a long week and a half but I'm finally back home.  God did some great things over those last 10 days.  Now I'm excited for even more.  Please pray for me this week for the following:

1).  Pray for me as I prepare to teach a new series starting this Wednesday night called, "THE RESISTANCE."  The first topic: SATAN (I hate that guy).  We are going to look at what Scripture actually teaches us about Satan and what our attitude and response should be toward him.  Please pray for the prep for this message and that the Holy Spirit would anoint me when I teach it.  Please pray for people to be freed this Wednesday night from whatever bondage they are in.  Please pray for salvation to happen.

2).  Pray for me as I teach our high school students and the students from China this Sunday morning at 9:45.  I want to teach Jesus' message of hope to these students in a way that they get and understand.

3).  Pray for me as I teach on Sunday morning at the 11:11 service at PFB.  Please pray for God to reveal his topic for that service to me and to bless my prep time and to anoint the message.  Again, I want to see people surrender to Jesus.

Thank you for praying.  Over and over I tell you how much you mean to me and the ministry that Jesus has called me to, so I hope you know it by now. :)

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