Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heaven Is Making Some Noise Again

Did you hear it? Did you hear the excitement of heaven last night? If you're wondering why, here's why.

Last night I met with a couple that I am marrying on Saturday. I met them through a couple of my staff members and they have been attending the Wednesday night worship service at PFB for the past few months pretty regularly. She made a decision for Jesus a few months ago and is getting baptized next week at PFB, but I knew that he hadn't. So when I finished going through the pre-marital stuff, I looked at him and asked where he was at in this whole journey with Jesus. We had a great chat. I explained to him God's size and sovereignty, his grace, mercy and love. And then I asked him, "Do you want Jesus? Do you want this relationship with God?"

He nodded and said yes. I explained it in more detail and he confessed Jesus as Lord and said that he believed that Jesus rose from the dead.

I WAS PUMPED!!! His fiance was crazy pumped. Such an incredible moment.

I wanted to share that Jesus is still on the move. This short blog will not give justice to what really happened but I at least wanted you to join in on the celebration.

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