Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thoughts From Wednesday Night


What better line could I start off than that we had people surrender to Jesus? One of them was a high school girl who has been attending Wednesday nights for a little over a month.  Also, there was a young adult couple who came to Wednesday night last night.  It was their first time, and they surrendered their lives to Jesus.

I'm telling you: God is doing something unbelievable on Wednesday nights and in the Next Generation ministry.  You know what we've done to see this happen: I HAVE NO CLUE!!! Honestly, it's just us relying on Jesus.  I read a tweet this evening by Perry Noble that said, "Vision from God should not cause us to be overwhelmed... but rather reminded that we cannot do it without Him!" God has brought an amazing team together that loves him and understands the need to rely upon Jesus to see the impossible happen.  When I say "team", I'm not only speaking about the people on staff in the Next Gen ministry, but rather I'm speaking about every single person who is part of Wednesday nights.  He's brought people into the ministry who believe in the ministry and want to be a part of what God is up to.  It's an explosive time and I am so thankful that I get to be a part of it.

Keep on praying.


  1. Brian,
    It really saddens me that there is basically no youth group left. Amber left the group two months ago has anyone noticed no. She is being fed and really happy at a church called Calvary Chapel Saving Grace, The youth group does activities on a regular basis and she feels loved and cared about. She is learning at a level she understands, she is not a number but a person.

  2. Beautiful Brian. Wow, first timers coming to Jesus is so powerful. I know God is using you and your wonderful team to touch lives. Someday, I would love to be there to see the youth and their passion for Him.
    Continued thoughts and prayers for you all.