Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Do You Think of Non-Christians?

This is the question that I was asked at San Dimas after I finished speaking at Christian club.  I spoke out of Mark 14 and what worship is - the fact that worship is every single thing that we do for Jesus.  After I finished teaching, I was walking out and had a student stop me.  She said, "Can I ask you a question?" I said, "Absolutely."  She then said, "What do you think about non-Christians?" Honestly, I have never been asked that question by a non-Christian before.  I looked at her and said this: "I love non-Christians.  They are so great, and as a Christian I'm supposed to tell as many non-Christians as possible about Jesus and what he has done and wants to do in their lives.  Non-Christians are great.  In fact, when Jesus was walking on the earth, he got more irritated with the religious people than he did with the 'non-Christians.'"  I invited her to come to PFB and hear more about Jesus and what he offers.  She wasn't quite sure that she wanted to but at least she heard about Jesus.

I walked out wondering if my answer was the same type of answer that Jesus would give.  How would you answer that question? Remember, the question is not what does Jesus think about non-Christians.  Rather, it is about what you think about non-Christians.  What would you say?


  1. Loved your answer, I think like you and also hope to be in sync with WWJD.
    I have had people at work asking me the same question and it has been a great opportunity to testify as someone that came to Christ at age 39 and had a wretched life. I tell them what the difference has been to me from non-christian to Christian. Geometrically speaking is a 180 degrees difference!
    No doubt the Lord gave me the opportunity to turn my life around and be able to testify in situations like this.

  2. I think that some of them are wonderful... some kind of not so wonderful... but that all of them are trying to find freedom in all the wrong places. I want to show them what being free is all about but it's hard for me to live in that freedom myself sometimes. They remind me that I am still a person and that without Christ's death I'm am no different. But they also show me that God's goodness flows deep in all people and that we get to point it out as God.

  3. May never know when a person you may need turns out to be non-Christian