Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thoughts From Wednesday Night

If you were to ask me my thoughts about Wednesday night at PFB this morning, it would have been totally different than right now.  Last night we started our new series called, "REVELATE."  It's a five-week look at the key pillars to what Wednesday nights and the Next Gen department at PFB are all about.  The first one: WHITE-HOT FAITH.  The message: it was a tough one.  I honestly felt like a prophet who had to bring it to the people.  It was a message that I believe God wanted shared to ignite the Luke-warm and defrost the "frozen chosen."

The response after the message was incredible, but during the message my mind was all over the place. The Enemy likes to play with my mind.  I heard things like, "YOU SUCK AT TEACHING!!!" "No one is paying attention." All of that kind of stuff.


Tonight I'm texting students and I come to find out that a young man in our high school ministry brought a friend with him who has never been to church.  He told me that when I asked people to stand to surrender to Jesus, she was just a little too nervous to do so.  He told me that they talked for a couple of hours after the worship service, and then SHE SURRENDERED TO JESUS!!! I almost jumped through the ceiling in my office at home as I read that.

So here are the highlights from last night:

  • There were probably about 40-50 people who came forward to confess something that was holding them back from living a life of faith (myself being included - mine was insecurity).  Instead of just standing there though, we had them write that thing down on a piece of paper, walk over to a cross and nail it up there.  POWERFUL STUFF LET ME TELL YOU!!!!

  • High school girl surrendered to Jesus (as mentioned above).

  • Jesus was exalted and lives were changed.

An amazing night!!! Can't wait for next Wednesday, but there's a whole lot of worshipping to do everyday from now until then.

And one question for you: What's holding you back? I dare you to write it below in the comments section of this blog. :)


  1. Fear - the idea of blind trust scares me... but I want it so badly!

  2. selfishness of not having confidence to just tell God's truth

  3. Trusting that God will provide and I need to put all my trust in him.

  4. My flesh trying to block the spirit in all aspects of life...