Thursday, September 8, 2011

NEEDED: FLOOD Phone Callers

This is a message just for you.  We are needing some people who can come in to the church office on Wednesday afternoons and do some phone work.  Yesterday, the legendary Matt Donahue came in and made a bunch of phone calls inviting people to FLOOD.  Last night, we saw a whole lot of people.  Part of that is because Wednesday nights over the years usually grow in attendance the Wednesday after Labor Day.  However, I'm also convinced that a big part of that is because Matt worked the phones.

Can you help? Can you come in and make phone calls to people that are part of FLOOD, encouraging them to make it worship that night? If so, can you do me a favor and contact the following people:

YOUNG ADULTS: Calli Dye-Schmidt
p: 909-629-5277, ext. 3044

HIGH SCHOOL: Courtney Romero
p: 909-629-5277, ext. 3038

We need your help.  We want to be all about our vision statement that God has given this ministry:

To reach and equip as many people as possible to change their world for Christ.

This is vital to that.  Thanks.  Love you guys.  I can't believe that I get to partner with you all for Jesus.

What a ride,

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