Thursday, September 1, 2011

Broken And Healed

Tonight I preached on the topic of brokenness: that we as Christian are invited by God to embrace our brokenness so that we may experience true healing. I preached out of Psalm 73, a passage that has become very dear to me in my journey with Jesus.

After the message, I sensed God leading me to ask if anyone wanted to surrender to Christ. I wasn't sure what was going to happen after what we saw happen on Tuesday night. But, God showed me once again that he is never done. I asked everyone to keep their heads up and their eyes open and called people to surrender to Jesus. It was silent for about 10 seconds. I think I could hear everyone's heartbeats until Aaron stood up to surrender to Jesus. The place went NUTS!

But the Holy Spirit had more to do. I closed in prayer and invited people to drop to their knees if they were confessing their brokenness and needed to cry out, "Holy Spirit: help me." As I closed in prayer I walked to the back of the stage and into the green room. I stayed back there about 10 minutes and then walked back out to the chapel to see about 30 students crying out to God for themselves and for each other. I was in AWE!

You would think that after 18 years of youth ministry, and about 11 years of preaching at camps that I would get used to it. I am nowhere close to used to it. This week at Hume has been absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!!!

And yet I'm still convinced that as I leave tomorrow morning to get back to FLOOD that the best is yet to come. Get ready FLOOD! I believe the flood is coming.

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