Thursday, July 7, 2011

Soccer and Prison

Yesterday was LONG!!! Oh my goodness. First of all, it was probably the hottest that it has been since we have been here. And of course, because Jesus has a great sense of humor, it was soccer day. We started out for about 20 minutes with drills and then the kids wanted to play. So, for an hour we ran around and played soccer. I sweat, but I gave a whole new meaning to the definition of sweating. I purposely wore a grey shirt to see what it would look like when I was done. It looked like I SWAM IN IT!!! :) The kids had fun and beat us 1-0.

Last night we went into the prison here in Koror. My job: preach. The response: between 8-10 prisoners surrendered their lives to Jesus. That was exciting. It was great to see their response. And the response of the rest of the prisoners toward us: they were some of the nicest people I have ever met. Our whole team completely mingled with all of the prisoners. It was incredible.

Today, it is another day of game playing and hanging with kids. I am getting a bit run-down with all of the preaching and moving from place to place. And I am not sleeping well at all. Also, it is a little bit harder of a day today because it is Dylan's fifth birthday today and I can't be there for it.

Please pray for God's encouragement and strength for me. I am ready to come home but understand that I am not done here yet. I want to be faithful and to finish well.

Thanks for praying.

Location:Koror, Palau

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