Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Heaven Is Celebrating Over Palau

Yesterday was a great day of ministry. First of all, we went to the hospital in the area. A group of Christians here in Palau hold a chapel service every Tuesday and Thursday at noon for anyone from the hospital (patient or staff members). It starts with a time of worship and then teaching. I thought that we were going there to visit patients and to pray over them. I didn't know we were going there for the chapel service. So, I wasn't quite prepared to preach a message, but Jesus was faithful and gave me the message once again to pass on to the people who were there.

Then we kicked off the sports camps aspect of the ministry with a water polo camp. The three guys (Scott, Nick, and Gavin) on our team who ran the camp were AWESOME!!! I was so impressed with them. After they were finished they talked with a young woman from the United States (I think she is from the San Francisco area) who teaches in the community college here in Palau. And wouldn't you know it: she loves water polo. So, on Friday, she is coming back (since Friday is a national holiday here in Palau) to play water polo. I do not know where she is with Jesus, but Jesus is making a connection between our team and her with the sport that she loves. I am praying for her to know him through this experience.

Last night I spoke at the crusade. We had a few more than the night before but a lot of new faces. I spoke on the crucifixion of Christ in detail. At the end I called people to stand if they wanted to surrender to Jesus. Two people stood up. It was awesome!!! I was excited to see lives changed once again.

There was one young lady (probably late high school) who caught my eye as I called people to surrender to Jesus. It just looked like there was a battle going on in her soul over this decision. In the end, she did not surrender to Jesus, but I have hope. In fact, I leaned over to a team member during the closing worship and said, "You see that girl over there? She is going to get saved before we leave Palau." Oh how I pray that that was a prophetic statement that comes true tonight.

After the crusade, I spoke with a dear older woman who adores Jesus. And she spoke encouragement into me as Jesus spoke encouragement into her. She said, "What if God doesn't use this team to reach the whole island of Palau, but rather uses this team to reach one person here in Palau who will completely change our nation for Jesus?" And in my spirit I said, "Amen." I so needed to hear that. I was beginning to wonder if anything of eternal value was happening through my teaching the people here. Discouragement was starting to set in, but that conversation helped so much.

Today, I will be helping run a basketball camp for kids in a nearby village. We also still have one more night of crusades. I am still praying for big things. Then, tomorrow, I will be speaking to the inmates here in the prison on Palau.

Thanks for praying for me.

Location:Koror, Palau

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