Saturday, July 30, 2011

OH DANG in Ojai

Here is how my time with these junior high and high school students has gone so far:

First, last night, at our first chapel, I called people to surrender to Jesus and we saw 12 people stood up to surrender to Jesus.

Second: Tonight I looked at the Christians in the group and said, "If you're bored with Jesus, you're boring. Stop blaming God for your boredom." I then called Christians to stand during worship (at the end of the message) if they were tired of predictable Christianity and were ready to be radical for Jesus. As I walked off of the stage, the worship began and all but about two people stood up. And then from there, THEY BROUGHT IT IN WORSHIP!!! Seriously!!! I can't believe the worship we all just experienced, especially comparing to the "non-worship" that was given before God challenged us through his word.

God is on the move. Thank you for praying. Please continue to pray. I have noticed as God continues to work that the enemy steps his attack on me. However, I read 2 Corinthians 12:7 and thanked Jesus for allowing the attack to keep coming because it keeps me humble and reliant upon him.

I'm so thankful for what God is up to. I'll try to send more updates throughout the weekend.

Location:Forest Home, Ojai, CA

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