Monday, July 4, 2011

Crusades and Sports Camps Begin

I am so sorry that these updates are not coming out as quickly as I would like them to be. Internet is not as accessible as at home. :)

Last night we began the crusades here in Palau. I am till trying to get used to Palau time because of the fact that on time means late. :) We were supposed to start at 7pm. The worship guy didn't even show up until a little bit after 7. The crusade started around 8:15. :)

It was a good beginning for a week of crusades. We saw about 60-70 people come out for this first one. I'm praying for more to show up tonight. Last night was mostly Christians, so the message was geared toward encouraging them to commit to be followers of Jesus and to be used by him this week for his kingdom. We had a good response to that commitment.

Today begins our sports camp ministry with water polo. The high school students who are running the water polo camp are pumped. Please pray for them as they run the camp and that this will be a great bridge to Jesus. I think I might be sharing something at the water polo camp as well (they have me preaching like crazy here).

And then pray for tonight. Night two of our crusades.

I am not sleeping well so your prayers for sleep are appreciated. I did sleep pretty well last night, though. I am hoping for more of the same.

Thanks for praying. Love you guys.

Location:Koror, Palau

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