Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh Help!!!

If you have ever read my blog and thought that every aspect of the ministry that God has called me to is amazing without any down sides, be encouraged that it's not.

Last night I blogged how amazing it was to watch the Holy Spirit move and change the hearts of those at this camp. Well, this morning, it was totally different. Everyone seemed tired and just done. And as I was preaching I was having thoughts of, "Wow, you really suck at preaching. No one is connecting with what you are saying right now." I don't like those times of teaching. However, it is during those times when we feel like that as teachers of God's word that we need to answer this one question: was I faithful in task of teaching God's word? To this I can say that I was. So, after that, I must cling to this promise:

"For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven and do not return there but water the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it." - Isaiah 55:10-11; ESV

God accomplishes exactly what he wants to accomplish every time he sends forth his word. I didn't feel great during or after the message, but I know that God still did the miraculous. It's during times and situations like this that I trust God's word more than my feelings.

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