Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm Back from Junior High Surf Camp

From Sunday through today (Wednesday), I was given the privilege of teaching the junior high students of PFB Church.  They spend 4 days and 3 nights at San Onofre State Beach.  During the day they learned how to surf and enjoyed hanging out together.  In the evenings, I was able to be their chapel speaker.  Here are the things that I was impressed with:

1).  This was a really good group of junior high students.  They were respectful of each other and of the other people who were camping around them.

2).  Andy (the junior high pastor) and his staff are absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! They have the perfect balance of love and discipline when dealing with these kids.  They were awesome.

3).  Jesus did some pretty amazing things at this camp.  I only spoke 4 times total.  The first night was tough as I taught them in the dark.  The worship time after was not very powerful, being that half of the students didn't engage in the worship time.  However, by Tuesday night, the whole group was engaged in worship of Jesus.

I also gave a chance for students to make a decision for Jesus last night.  Between 12 and 15 junior high students stood up to make some type of decision for Jesus (either surrendering or re-committing).  Then about 95% of everyone there (including staff and parents) stood up to say that they were all in for living out the missional life that Jesus has called them to.

It was a great few days.  Jesus, once again, showed up and showed off.  Below is a short video of the worship time on Tuesday night.  It was beautiful.

Thanks for praying.

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