Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update from FLOOD Last Night

Hey Prayer Team,
Well, James has left the building.  He had to leave.  The series is over.  Jesus had us in the book of James at FLOOD for about seven months and he did amazing things.  Since January, when we started our series in James, we have seen

  • 56 people surrender to Jesus
  • 54 people get baptized
On top of that, we have seen people come forward for prayer and to see the FLOOD family come alongside of them and pray.  In fact, there's a group of high school students that always make their way up to anyone who comes forward to kneel at the steps during worship.  They aren't being asked to do this, but they do it on their own.  In fact, one of my favorite memories during FLOOD was when Glenn Gunderson, our senior pastor here at PFB, went forward to kneel at the steps to pray.  About 20 seconds after he went up, about 5 high school guys went up, layed hands on him, and began to pray for him.  BEAUTIFUL!!!

Last night we saw about 6 people stand to confess they they have been wandering from the faith and were coming back.  That was awesome.  We saw about 4 people come forward to be prayed over by the FLOOD lead team.  The worship was passionate.  It was a beautiful night.

Thank you for praying.  Please pray as I begin studying for our new series starting on August 10th called, "GHOST".  It's a three-week series on the Holy Spirit.  

Thank you all.  Love you guys.

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