Monday, July 4, 2011

So Far So Good...

We have been here in Palau for two days. So far, I have preached three times. Yesterday (Saturday), I spoke at a church gathering. I taught on John 6 when Jesus fed the five thousand with fives loves and two fish. After I finished the message I sat back down. After about 2-3 more songs, the governor of the state where we were (she was at the worship service) asked me if I would teach again. Never have I had a group of people ask me to speak a second time. So, I did what any pastor/teacher would do. I PREACHED AGAIN!!! The second time I preached out of John 9 when Jesus healed the blind guy. It was a powerful time.

This morning, I spoke in a different church. I taught from John 11. At the end I asked if anyone wanted to surrender to Jesus. No one responded. I then asked how many needed Jesus to step in and do the miraculous in a specific situation. I saw about 5 hands go up for prayer. It was awesome.

God is at work. The crusades start tomorrow night and I am excited. I sense the Enemy attacking with discouragement, but I am hanging in there. I fight my thoughts constantly, striving to take every thought captive. Thank you for praying. Keep it up. I am convinced that God is getting ready to unload on this place.


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