Sunday, May 2, 2010

Teaching Updates for This Week...

TO: My prayer team.

Thank you so much for praying.  I spent this weekend with my family in Cathedral City speaking to some amazing young adults.  I am still blown away with how God spoke this weekend.  I preached passages that I have preached before, but I have never preached those passages that way before.  If you prayed that I would be able to preach with power, then Jesus heard you loud and clear and stepped up.  If you prayed that God would direct the messages, which one he wanted me to teach and when, he stepped up.  Seriously, absolutely incredible!

So now I ask you to keep it up for the following:

  • Please pray for Wednesday night.  I feel like I keep saying the same thing every week but it's so true.  This week we are finishing up our current series ("REVELATE").  It's been an amazing study.  And begin praying as we start teaching through the book of Song of Solomon for 6 weeks (starting next week).  It's an awesome study.

  • Sunday morning I am teaching at the Duetts class at PFB.  I would appreciate you prayers as I teach there.

  • Sunday morning I am teaching the High Schoolers at PFB.  We will pick up our walk through the book of Philippians.

Thank you so much.  I wish that I could put into words what God is doing while I'm teaching.  He is honoring your prayers.  Please keep them coming.  Thank you.

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