Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just Ask

Today is my day to hang at home with my boys while Kelley teaches.  So, because it was time to make lunch, I took the boys to In-N-Out. :)  While we were eating, Dylan looked at me and kept asking me, "Dad, can I have a french fry?" Here's the thing: Dylan would eat french fries for every meal if he could, so we have to make sure that he eats the main stuff as well.  So, I make him have a few bites of the burger and then a french fry.  He knows the routine.  So he would take some bites and then, "Dad, can I have a french fry?" I would say yes.  Then back to the burger.  Then, "Dad, can I have a french fry?" I would say yes.  Then he asked, "Can you open my milk?" "Can I have some ketchup?" "Do all dads have beards?" —a little random but so fun.

As I listened to all of his questions it hit me: as much as I enjoy the questions from Dylan, our heavenly Father enjoys the questions from us.  But notice: Dylan asked before each step.  He didn't ask me after he had already done something.  Rather, he asked me before.  He asked me questions because he was interested as well as for "provision" (ketchup — does it really count as provision).

I'm convinced that God is inviting us to just ask.  We should get in the habit of asking before we make our own decisions so as to make sure that we are in-line with what God is doing and wants us to accomplish rather than asking God to bless a decision that we made without his blessing.  It really does come down to just asking.  It's that simple and yet it is so often forgotten.  So, before you move on to the next thing, just ask.

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