Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Checking

Last night I was walking through the hallway.  I heard Dylan in the bathroom brushing his teeth.  I knew what he was doing.  I knew he was fine.  It's not a horribly difficult ordeal to brush his teeth.  It usually is just a one-person job.  But then I said it: "You doing okay, buddy?" He said, "Yeah."  And that was it.  But I knew he was fine.  I knew everything was okay so why did I ask him?

As I walked into the bedroom I started thinking about it.  Even though I knew everything was fine I still asked him if everything was fine.  Why? Here's the answer: I just like talking to him and hearing him talk to me.  That's it.  I just like the conversation no matter how short it is.  And then it hit me: our Heavenly Father is the same way.  We have access to him whenever we want, to bring concerns and praises to him (Hebrews 4:16).  He just likes talking to us and loves hearing us talk to him.

Today, be overwhelmed with the fact that the God of the universe loves hearing from you and loves speaking to you.  We truly have an amazing Father.  In fact, he's probably going to be checking in on you throughout the day just to check in.  Enjoy it.


  1. :) I needed this. Thanks!

  2. Often throughout our dinnertimes, Luke will extend his hands to Shane and I and suggest "pray?" so we put down our forks and pray again... thanking God for buses that drive by (a big favorite with our little man), food of course, and that we can talk to Him whenever... sometimes we pray 8 times throughout one meal, and although I doubt Luke (22 months) has any idea what we are doing when we pray, I've starting thinking how beautiful it is to want to just talk to God, and how much He must just love it when we just pause for a sentence here or there...

  3. loved it!!!!! but it is true we just want them (our kids) to talk to us that way we know.

    thank you.

    I sorry about what is going on but God is awesome.