Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's All About Perspective

I've been taking care of some home maintenance the past couple of days.  One of the jobs was to replace the 2x4's on the top of the fence and to them paint them.  Mission was a success.  Honestly, I was pretty impressed because I am not very good at the home maintenance thing.  As I was finishing up the last of the painting, feeling pretty good about how quickly I had finished the job, my 6-year-old said, "Dad, you missed a spot." I asked him where and he pointed right above his head to a whole streak of un-painted wood.  I didn't even see it.  It was far below where I could naturally see.

This was a modern-day parable from Jesus to me.  It's all about perspective.  As a leader I am called to lead (I know - I am amazingly deep).  I am to be paying attention as to where God is leading this ministry.  However, I NEED the input of others who come at it from a totally different perspective.  I'm convinced that leaders who do not listen to the advice and perspectives of others are not good or effective leaders.  It does not mean that a leader must do everything that everyone suggests.  However, a leader will at least hear every perspective and then make a decision.  Leaders are not always right, but every leader will take the heat if something goes wrong.  Therefore, leaders must listen and then make wise decisions based on all of the information that he/she receives.

Huge lesson that my 6-year-old taught me that day.


  1. did you delegate the task? lol :o)

  2. Nope. I actually did it. It would have been a pretty sweet mess to clean up if I had. :)