Wednesday, May 5, 2010


"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." - (Joshua 1:9; ESV)

I'm convinced that it is high-time for Christians to actually apply this command given to Joshua as he took over the leadership role that Moses had.  Think about it: you're getting ready to take over leading hundreds of thousands of people wherever God leads you.  The thing is: Joshua didn't try to get out of it.  He didn't offer excuses as to why it wouldn't work.  He didn't tell God exactly what would happen if he obeyed him (contrast with Moses' reaction in Exodus 3).   Rather, Joshua obeyed.

There is something that should come over every Christian when he/she hears God say these words: "...and do not be dismayed, FOR the LORD your God is with you..." GOD IS WITH US!! That means that there is absolutely nothing to fear at all.  Jesus promised us that he would be with us.  Remember these things:

  • Those who walk in fear make no difference for the Kingdom.  Walk with Jesus in faith and the gates of hell will shake.  BRING IT!!!


  • Fear or faith: whichever one you live in shows Jesus what you really think of him.

  • Faith and fear cannot coexist.  It is impossible.  It's necessary to get rid of the one before you can live in the other.  What's your choice?

Don't get me wrong: fear creeps into my life just like everyone else.  However, I have a choice at that moment.  I can either feed the fear and ignore faith or I can "feed" faith and let fear die.  It's a choice.  What do you choose? What do I?

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  1. Totally agree there. And the best way for me to let fear go is to put my faith in God at the time I am afraid. Before translating a service simultaneously... "God may it not be me speaking but your holy spirit through me as through Brian or Josh" fear of messing up? YOU BET! faith that God will lead the way? ABSOLUTELY!!! Tonight I abandoned myself to God and it was INCREDIBLE how HE touched the hearts of the ones listening to me and set their hearts on fire. What a night it was tonight!