Monday, March 8, 2010

Prayer time

TO: My faithful prayer team

Here are the things going on this week.  Thank you in advance for praying.

1.  Wednesday Night. This Wednesday night we have our PFB worship service in the worship center.  I'm still on a spiritual rush of what I saw the Holy Spirit do last week.  Please pray that God would invade our worship service again.  I spoke with a number of students at Western Christian last Thursday who are going to come and check out the Wednesday night worship service this week at PFB.  So pumped up!!!

2.  Tuesday night at APU. This Tuesday night I get a chance to share with some grad students at Azusa Pacific University.  It's a short devotional time but I have really grown to love these times.  Not everyone who attends the grad program at APU is a Chrisitan, so this is a perfect opportunity for the Holy Spirit to do some work and get some people saved.

3.  Sunday morning. I'll be teaching this Sunday morning to our high school students.  We just started the book of Philippians yesterday and will be going verse-by-verse through this book.  I would appreciate your prayers as I prepare to teach through the "book of joy".


a.  Chains be broken
b.  Lives be healed
c.  Eyes be opened
d.  Christ be revealed

Thank you so much.  Love you guys.

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