Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

Here is a quick update of what Jesus has done the last couple of days:

  • Last night I spoke on the need for Christians to truly be Christians rather than people who have "prayed a prayer" and live nothing like Jesus. I called people to surrender to Jesus and about 10 people stood up to surrender to Jesus.

  • This morning I spoke on the crucifixion of Christ, explaining in detail what Jesus went through on the cross. I called people to surrender to Jesus and we saw about 10-15 people stand up. When they stood up, their team members jumped up and celebrated with them while the rest of the camp celebrated. Then about 10-15 more people stood to recommit to Jesus. Their team members surrounded them and prayed over them.

Big things are happening. God is on the move. Are you kidding me? AWESOME!!!!

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