Thursday, March 11, 2010

God Is On The Move...


You NEED to come out to a Wednesday night and experience what God is doing at our Next Gen worship service.  It is absolutely incredible! Last night we started a new series called, "Live 2 Die".  It's a look at 5 key passages during the passion week of Christ.  Last night we looked at the Triumphal Entry out of Matthew 21.  The message was called, "When Jesus Shows Up".  Here are the 5 key things that God showed me while studying this passage that I thought that I already knew.

1.  Jesus calls you to a mission (Matthew 21:1)
2.  Jesus gives you instruction (Matthew 21:2-3)
3.  Jesus brings assurance (Matthew 21:4-5)
4.  Jesus brings hope (Matthew 21:6-9)
5.  Jesus stirs up interest (Matthew 21:10-11)

At the end of the message, I called people to come forward if they wanted to surrender their lives to Jesus.  We saw about 4 people come forward to surrender their lives to Christ.  When they walked forward, the place went absolutely nuts.  It was so much fun.  After that, I called people to come forward if they needed to release something to the Lord and to ask him to deliver them from it.  I was blown away when about 30-40 people came forward, knelt at the steps in the worship center and cried out for God to work.  As they were at the steps, people came up behind them, laid hands on them and began to pray for them.  It was absolutely incredible.

God is on the move.  I honestly feel so bad every time that I try to tell you about it because I honestly feel like I fall way short of being able to put into words what I see happening.

If you're free any Wednesday night at 7pm, come visit and see how God is honoring your prayers.  It's absolutely unbelievable!

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