Thursday, March 18, 2010

Update About Wednesday Night...

Last night was pretty intense.  We saw a bunch of people show up to worship.  And they brought it.  Passionate worship included with some sweet teaching by Pastor Josh made for a pretty crazy night.  He spoke on the passage where Jesus enters the temple and overthrows the tables of the moneychangers, calling people to not just go through the motions of "Christianity" but to walk into the passionate and intimate relationship that Jesus invites us into.  He even flipped a table off the stage.  HE'S SO STRONG!!!!

At the end of his message he had people get into prayer groups and just start praying for each other.  So powerful to watch so many people in prayer, and then thinking about the fact that every single person had God's undivided attention.  A powerful night that only leaves me excited and pumped up for next week as we continue through our new series titled, "Live 2 Die", looking at Jesus' time praying in the garden of Gethsemane.

If you can make it, join us on Wednesday night, 7pm at PFB Church.


  1. Not only strong to flip tables, but to deliver a message that made us all think. Even the ones that have been walking with the Lord for a while. Praise the Lord for a great way to rock our world for Jesus!

  2. I feel so bad for whoever is not in that room Wednesday night! Josh did an amazing job, and every person around me was definitely moved (and not just by the wind of the falling table, I'll tell you that!). I really think that this is the time for us all to look deeper into our relationship, and to go further than just "The Motions". Keep it up guys! :D

    P.S. Kind of off subject, but I've realized that I'm in that picture! Haha, cool! :)