Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thoughts About Sunday...

What a fun day.  Things at PFB ROCKED TODAY!!!! Here were some highlights:

  • Preached at all of the morning services at PFB.  Taught on principles that are necessary when seeking consultation (from 1 Kings 22) when making a decision.  The key: ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT!!! It seemed like God had some things to say and that the message was received.  I'll have to trust the Holy Spirit with the results but I believe that I was faithful to BRING IT!!!!! :)

  • Mentioned that I've neglected my relationship with the Holy Spirit for the past 35 years.  I love Jesus.  I am overwhelmed with my Abba-Father relationship with the Father.  It's time to get very familiar with the Holy Spirit.  The thing is: I'm convinced that he will freak me out very often.

  • Had a great time with of prayer with Kimberly Gunderson.  She is awesome and has such an incredible heart for the students in the neighborhoods around our church.  Prayed for big things, because we either pray big or go home.

  • Met a high school girl, Rebecca, today.  Was excited to see that she might to go on our high school retreat at the end of February.

  • Talked with another high school girl, Christina, after the third service at PFB.  She came up in tears and shared that she doesn't usually sing during the worship time.  However, after the message, she took on Jarret's challenge to not dog it during worship and she BROUGHT IT! She said she sang out to Jesus and it was amazing.

  • Had a great chat with Rob & Bekah about marriage.  I love those two.

  • I had an amazing time with the high school student leaders.  What a great group of students.

  • Ended the day with pizza with the family.

A great day!!! I'm exhausted but what a ride

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