Monday, January 18, 2010

Please be praying...

This week is a busy week of teaching.  Here are the teaching opportunities that I have coming up:

1).  San Dimas High School Christian Club (Tuesday, 1/19; 12:00pm)

2).  ELEVATE (Wednesday, 1/20; 7:00pm).  We start a new series called, "Going Vertical" this week.  It's an indepth look at the Lord's Prayer, breaking it apart part-by-part to truly understand what Jesus said when he taught us how to pray.

3).  CCMA (Thursday, 1/21; 11:00am). I will be sharing with childrens pastors from around the area about the transition between children's ministry to junior high ministry.  I'm so excited about this opportunity to learn from children's workers and to share with them the demands of student ministry as well.

4).  High School Worship (Sunday, 1/24; 9:45am).

5).  The Rising (Sunday, 1/24; 6:15pm)

The schedule is pretty crazy this week.  For those on my prayer team, please be praying for me as I prep these messages and as I teach: that I would teach with power, speaking the truth in love, and that lives would be changed for Jesus.

Thank you so much for praying for me so much.

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