Friday, January 29, 2010

"Don't Forget the Spirit" - A.W. Tozer

"You may think it out of place for me to say so, but in our churches today we are leaning too heavily upon human talents and educated abilities.  We forget that the illumination of the Holy Spirit of God is a necessity, not only in our ministerial preparation, but in the administrative and leadership functions of our churches." (Jesus Is Victor, p. 48)

I have been so convicted of this as of late.  To cry out for the Holy Spirit to invade a setting or to change a heart, to help me prep a message and to run a meeting.  EVERY ASPECT of my day being in step with the longings and wishes of the Holy Spirit of God.

Holy Spirit - RUN FREE IN MY LIFE!!!! Whatever that leaves me to be I trust and leave with you.

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