Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Jesus at ELEVATE tonight was INSANE! I'm serious. I do not have the words to describe what I saw happen. And this is a huge answer to prayer.

On Monday night, our prayer group met and I prayed this prayer: I prayed that God would do something so incredible at ELEVATE that we would leave speechless. Friends, he did just that. I shared for about 15-minutes a message titled, "It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming," a message encouraging people who are going through tough times (Friday) to hang in there because Sunday is coming. OH MY WORD - I still can't believe what Jesus said to us tonight. Here are some of the things that students and staff said about ELEVATE:

  • "He made me look to Sunday! He showed up HUGE in my life tonight." - Hannah

  • "It was craaaaazy incredible! Best one of the year yet!" - Laura

  • "Tonight gave me a little piece of heaven on earth." - Rachel

  • "God really loves us no matter what we do. We can't earn his love. It's a given. Realizing that we need him to survive is the most comforting realization! Tonight rocked my face off!" - Elle

  • "He made me feel better inside and not to doubt him and to be afraid of his power." - Hunter

  • "Wow. It's hard to even explain how much love was being felt tonight at ELEVATE. Love for Jesus. Love for each other. And love being given by Jesus. Amazing." - Daphne

  • "Tonight really changed my outlook on life, at a time where things aren't looking so good. I really needed this." - Mariah

  • "Tonight I felt like I worshipped God more than I ever have before. I closed my eyes and sang and I felt like a spot light was on me and the Trinity and all the angels were watching me and I was the center of the Lord's attention and I performed my best for Him. It was incredible." - Selby

  • "Unexplainable. It was an awesome night of just hanging with Jesus." - Hillary

  • "He told me that I need to keep being a light for others. He also is telling me where in life I am headed with my ministry and walk and that he has it all planned so don't worry." - Kyle

  • "I'm in a Friday right now but I know Sunday is coming and God is the only way to get there. And, that I need to make sacrifices." - Cosmo

  • "He reminded me that he is coming back and that he keeps the promises he makes! I realized that I have been so selfish to not be heaven minded and I am so changed. New perspective here I come." - Aubrey

  • "I felt in awe when I left." - Sarah

  • "Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be in this city!!!... I'm all in!!" - David

  • "Wow... Jesus BLEW MY MIND TONIGHT! Worship was more radical than I could've imagined!!" - Andy

  • "Wow! Tonight was freakin' amazing! I am so thankful I am part of this ministry!" - Courtney

  • "There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a ton of kids lifting their hands in worship. I wish I could get through one Wednesday night without crying." - Ashley

At the end of the our worship time, I was closing in prayer. In the back was a young man who was just crying out praises and worship to God as I prayed. It was so powerful. It was incredible. Something happened and Jesus was honored. "I felt in awe when I left," is what Sarah shared above. And that is exactly what I prayed for on Monday.

Come on, Jesus. You've only just begun and I'm so excited for what you still have in store.

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  1. Dude, all of the kids' responses are so freaking amazing.

    God definitely knows what He's doing on our Fridays, but ALL the time. How silly of me to forget about all the times (every single time) He's come through. I always think of Psalm 13 in these times, like right now.

    Also, that young man who was like, literally crying out to God was so earth shattering to me. It was a different experience for me, as many people that cry out to God are still very reserved, as am I. It showed me to leave it all at the cross, in whatever form, whatever voice, tears or smiles, joy or pain. He's ready to take it.

    :) I love you all.