Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update and Prayer (1/18/11)

Hi all,
Thank you so much for praying.  This past week was absolutely insane but some amazing stuff came from it.

1).  We had a great turnout for the graduate chapel last Monday night at APU.  It was a wonderful time as we looked at Joshua 1, looking at principles for leadership from God's word.  Such a fun time.

2).  I spoke at Crossroads Junior High school last Wednesday morning.  I had no idea what God was wanting me to teach until we got through the worship time.  As I waited to hear Jesus on this, a student came up and read from Isaiah 40.  Then during worship, the worship leader lead the worship song titled, "Isaiah 40."  So, Jesus was finally able to get through this thick skull.  It was UNBELIEVABLE and the timing was perfect.

3).  On Thursday I spoke at Glendora High School at their Christian Club.  The topic was on evangelism.  It was a lot of fun and there were about 40 students in there who were serious about making a difference on their campus for Jesus.

4).  The wedding on Saturday was a blast.  So much fun to perform the ceremony for Dan and Ramona.

5).  Spoke up at Harland Christian Camp this past weekend at a high school guys retreat.  It was a blast.  And the best part: a kid named Harley surrendered his life to Jesus yesterday.  It was intense.

Please pray as we continue on in the book of James this Wednesday night at FLOOD.  Last week we looked at James 1:1 and saw 5 people surrender to Jesus.  It was such an anointed evening.  Thank you for praying.  We are expecting even greater things for this Wednesday.

Thank you for praying.

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