Monday, January 24, 2011

Please be praying...

Hi all,
I would appreciate your prayers this week for the opportunities that God has for me to teach/preach/speak this week.

1).  Tomorrow morning I am officiating the funeral service for Linda Brown.  I have never met the family (I will meet with them today) but I have the opportunity and privilege to officiate her funeral service.

2).  Wednesday night at FLOOD I am continuing in the book of James.  I would appreciate your prayers as I prep and pray through that message over the next few days, and as I preach it on Wednesday night.

3).  Sunday morning I get the opportunity to speak at all of the morning services at PFB Church.

4).  Sunday night I am speaking to the discipleship group leaders at Azusa Pacific University.

That's what's going on this week.  Thank you for your prayers.

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