Monday, January 3, 2011

He Can Handle It

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." - Genesis 1:1, ESV

Have you ever read a verse that you have read over and over and had it scream out to you like it was the first time ever? That happened this morning for me. As I read the very first verse of the Bible, this thought came to mind:

"The expanse of the universe declares that God can handle it."

Think about what God created out of absolutely nothing. Think about the expanse of the universe and everything that we don't have a clue about it. Think about the creativity found in the oceans of the world with all of the wildlife living down there. Think about every living creature on planet earth. Think about the human body and everything that blows scientists/doctors away about how our bodies work. And now be reminded: God made all of that from absolutely nothing. And the thing is: God looked at what he had made and came away saying, "Oh wow! Yeah, that is very good."

This is not a blog trying to explain God's sovereignty in the midst of trouble. I'm not trying to explain why a good God allows bad things to happen. But what I am saying is that whatever you're facing, God can handle it. If you don't understand why it's happening, at least be encouraged that there is a God who does and who can handle it. Keep going to him. Be encouraged by him and follow his lead as he shows you the way through it. Remember: God created the miraculous out of nothing. Think about what he is doing with what you see as completely out of control.


  1. Awesome! This is just what I needed to read and be reminded of. We can get so caught up in our own "stuff", that we sometimes forget the big picture, and just how big our God is. And it is He who takes note of the details in our lives and helps get us through them.

    Thanks for the reminder.
    And thanks God for always being there, and for carrying us through the challenges in our lives.
    Letting go, and letting God have them is hard, yet so important for all of us to do.

  2. Awesome point to be reminded! I really needed to read this today, thanks Brian.

    It is so easy to be caught up in our daily "stuff" that we often forget the big picture. We need to remember that the Almighty God cares about the details in each of our lives. Sometimes it's not easy to "let go and let God", yet we must do that in order to allow Him to carry us through the challenges we face in life. What seems impossible for us to face, is completely possibly for God to handle. We just need to give it up, and LET HIM DO IT. (Hard words to live by.)

    My goal for 2011 is to give each and every challenge one by one up to God. I can't face them alone, and need His help. Since He created the entire universe, I cannot question His ability to get me through each day.
    Lord, I'm yours. I can't handle many of the things currently in my life, so I am giving them all up to you!! I know they all will work to your glory! Thanks for carrying me and guiding me through each day.