Monday, October 8, 2012

Prayer for this week...

Thank you for your prayers for yesterday at PFB. I'm still blown away by what Jesus accomplished. One of the best responses I received yesterday about the message came from someone who attended and then wrote this after:

"The Holy Spirit is amazing!!! Thirty minutes after [the worship service] I got to share Jesus with the Indian woman threading my eyebrows at the Montclair plaza! And while I've been a Christian for many years I have never felt so free to share. Our God rocks!!! When Brian talked about conversations being weird like on an airplane... the Holy Spirit didn't even give me a chance to think about 'weird'! The two girls waiting in line stopped talking when I started talking about Jesus! Afterwards, I went to the car and got my PFB Weekly, invited her to church and gave her my number. Praying for the Holy Spirit to continue his work on her heart and mine as well."

That's when you know that it was the Holy Spirit handling the morning. So thank you for praying.

Here's how you can be praying for me this week:

1). Tonight I have the opportunity to share with some graduate students at the LA Campus of Azusa Pacific. I love being the chaplain for this group of people. Please pray that I would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading so that I share exactly what these students need to hear.

2). Tomorrow night I have the opportunity to share with some of the graduate business students at the main campus of Azusa Pacific. Again, please pray for me to know what to say.

3). This Wednesday night we continue through our series at FLOOD called, "What Jesus Doesn't Like About Church." God has been doing some crazy things at FLOOD the past two weeks. Two weeks ago we saw five people surrender to Christ. Last week we saw a little boy get baptized. It's been awesome. Please pray for me as I pray through, prep, and preach this message.

Thank you so much for praying.

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  1. Amazing!!!!!

    Holy Spirit was all up IN there yesterday. Love it.

    Praying for you this week!