Monday, October 22, 2012

Prayer Update for this Week...

Hi all,
Thank you for praying for me last week. Here's how you can be praying for me this week:

1). This Wednesday night at FLOOD we are looking at the sixth church out of seven in our series called, "What Jesus Doesn't Like About Church" (a study of the seven churches in Revelation 2-3). This study has been blowing my mind. Please pray for me as I prep, pray through, and preach this message. I am really excited about this church that we are looking at this week (the church at Philadelphia).

2). On Thursday morning I will be speaking to about 1,000 8th graders and high school students at Maranatha High School. I absolutely love partnering up with this school. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would give and confirm his message before Thursday. And then pray for me as I preach.

3). This Saturday morning I get the opportunity to speak to a group of 40-50 men at a men's gathering at New Hope Community Church. Again, please pray that the Holy Spirit would confirm his message for these guys.

4). This Sunday morning I get to teach at a discipleship/leadership program at PFB Church called, "Basic Training." We are spending 5 more weeks taking a small group together through this program to develop leaders within our church to take on ministry responsibilities. I am taking certain sections from the book of Acts for this time together. Please pray for me as I prep, pray through, and teach.

As I say often, thank you so much for your ministry on my behalf. I am so blown away that you have committed to loving me so well through this ministry.

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