Monday, August 9, 2010

Updates and Requests...

Good morning, all.  I just wanted to quickly update you on last week.  Here goes:

  • On Tuesday night I spoke to the youth of Pomona New Community.  I absolutely LOVE teaching that group of students.  To listen to the update, click here.

  • Wednesday night at PFB was ABSOLUTELY FACE-MELTING!!! It was outstanding! Seriously.  Josh preached his last sermon here at PFB as the young adults pastor, and he BROUGHT IT! At the end of his message he invited people to surrender to Christ.  Three people stood up to make a decision for Christ.  After that, we had baptism.  We had four baptisms planned for the evening and seven ended up getting baptized.  It was AWESOME!!!! I'll post the link for the baptisms when they are online.

  • On Saturday I performed a wedding for an amazing Christian couple up in Petaluma, California (about 35 minutes north of San Francisco).  I had so much fun.  I love performing weddings for couples who love Jesus and are striving to honor him.  There was one point in the ceremony when everyone in the church sanctuary sang, "Be Thou My Vision" and I was choked up just a little bit.

Thank you so much for praying for me this past week.  I would appreciate your prayers for me for this week for the following:

  • I am preaching this Wednesday night at PFB.  We are finishing our series called, "The Resistance."  We've looked at what the Bible says about Satan, demons, and our own sinful desires.  This Wednesday we are looking at what the Bible says about the victory that is ours in Jesus.  I am SO STINKIN' PUMPED UP!!!!! Seriously!!!! Please come and join us at 7pm this Wednesday night if you can.  If you can't, check it out online at 7pm (click here to watch online).  Also pray for liberation for so many that have been dealing with a bunch of bondage for so long.

  • This Saturday I have the honor and privilege of performing a wedding for a young couple that I love so much.  They are absolutely incredible.  They love Jesus and have a true desire to honor him in their relationship.  And on top of that, the bride is one of my volunteer staff members here at PFB with the high schoolers.  I would appreciate your prayers for this.

  • This coming Sunday morning I am teaching the high schoolers at PFB.  As always, please pray for God's anointing as I teach and for these amazing students to truly understand what God is trying to tell them.

Thank you so much.

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