Monday, August 23, 2010

Prayer Update...

Hey all,

Well it's Monday, and aren't you glad that we get to experience the wonders of a heat wave? :) Here are the ways that you can pray for me this week:

1).  My sleep started to get better when I tried some natural stuff but it has kind of gotten back to where it was before.  Last night I had music playing while I slept and that seemed to help a bit.  I'm doing well, though.  Cat naps are outstanding.  :)

2).  I teach this Wednesday night at PFB.  We are in our second week of our three-week series called, "Moxie".  Last week we looked at being bold to be the church.  This Wednesday: be bold to come God and to worship.  I'll be spending this morning right after I finish this update studying and prepping for that message on Wednesday.  Your prayers would be appreciated.

3).  This Sunday morning I'm teaching at all the morning services at PFB.  The title for the message is, "The Road to Restored." I just finished going through John a couple of days ago in my quiet time and chapters 20-21 SLAPPED ME IN MY FACE!!! I am so pumped up for this message.  I still need to study and prep, but what God has shown me so far in his word has BLOWN MY MIND!!!

Thank you so much for praying.

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