Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prayer Update for This Week

Hey all,

I just wanted to ask you to pray for me as I speak this week.

  • Monday - I'm speaking to a group of students in Sun Valley.  I met the contact for this speaking engagement while I spoke in Mexico this past Spring Break.  Here is the theme that she is wanting:  "Embracing God's love - wanting kids to get close to God, to know that God loves them infinitely and that we should do the same with everyone, love our neighbor, our family and also to respect each other.  I want the kids to accept God as their Savior."  So, let's pray that way.

  • Wednesday - I will be teaching at our midweek next generation worship service.  We are starting a new series called, "Moxie."  It's a word that means boldness.  The topic for this week: The Boldness to Be.  Please pray for me as I prep and preach this message.

  • Sunday morning - I will be teaching our high schoolers at PFB for our 9:45 worship time.  Please pray as I prep and preach for this.

Thank you so much for all that you do.  God bless you all.  I seriously can't say thank you enough.

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  1. No doubt the Lord is sending you to sow His seed in all these hearts. May you find fertile soil and all the thorns and rocks move out of the way for you. May you be used to bring a message of hope and mercy to these tender lives. Thank you Lord for giving Brian a broad vision of your misnistry and removing any short sightness from his work, Annoint him and use him, may you be the one who speaks through him and into those open ears and hearts. Praise you Lord for your blessings! In the Holy name of the only one that was willing to carry our burdens and sins in his death, our brother and Lord Jesus Christ. Love ya' brother!