Saturday, January 5, 2013

Amazing Guest Post

A great friend of mine forwarded me this email. I read it and was so touched by the honesty that my friend wrote it. I was blessed. I emailed and asked if I could post it on my blog and was given permission. Please read it, be blessed and reminded as you go through it. Brokenness is part of the journey.

I trust that you are who You say you are: Mighty Healer, Great Physician and God of All Comfort. Lord, you would be a false and erroneous God if you allowed us to remain intact with every battle we go through. Yet the goodness of who You are allows shrapnel to injure us and Satan to have his way with us, because we are not in control of our lives- You are. We are completely defenseless in these times- we have run out of ammo, our weapon jams, we are at an utter loss. It is in THIS exact moment when we wave our tiny white flag and surrender that You say "NOW I can work!" It is at this broken crossroads where You step up and go to battle for us. You protect us mightily, as only a perfect and loving Father could. You make armies as NOTHING in Your presence, and the demons know Your name, and SHUDDER. How could I NOT trust You?

You would also be a liar if you only gave us healthy lives, where we needed no physician. Yet we are sick, bloodied, bruised and broken. We are desperately in need of a mighty and perfect Physician, who knows our every groan, pain and ache. You know each tear that falls, silently in a dark room where no one is around. You hold those tears in Your hands and You promise to wipe them all away. You Lord, mend the brokenness, soothe the bruises and you sew together our wounds with a kind, gentle, strong love and a beautiful grace. 

Comfort is never useful when we are whole. Comfort is openly received, however, when the peaceful and calming tides have turned and the violent waves are up over our heads, pouring in over us, and we don't know right from left or up from down.  Jesus, it was You who comforted Your friends on the stormy seas, and it was You who decided when the seas would cease their crashing. Just so in our lives- the waves crash and the thunder rolls, yet not only are you right next to us, in the midst of the storm with us, You control the storm and You allow it to whip us and beat us, knowing Your comfort and the healing it gives makes up for those times. Those storms are the times we see You most, not because You leave us when things are calm, but because we think we don't need You. Lord, I will embrace the storm, and allow Your arms to embrace me. What else do I need? I don't need the ways of this world or the temporary fixes it so emptily offers. I choose You, not on my own strength but simply because You chose me first. You own me, You heal me and it is only with You that I entrust my life. 

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