Thursday, June 14, 2012

He's Still Getting it Done

I'm still up here at Mt. Gilead and I just have to say this: God is definitely now "showing up and showing off." On Tuesday night we saw 15 students come forward to make a decision for Jesus. Last night, I invited people to surrender to Christ and a high school girl stood up and surrendered in front of everyone. Everyone cheered for her as she stood there publicly professing her faith in Jesus.

Then after that invitation, I invited anyone at the camp (staff and campers) to come forward and kneel to declare to Jesus that they were broken and they were needing his help by the Holy Spirit. In all, between 45-55 people came forward confessing their brokenness. It was beautiful to watch the community of faith be a genuine and real community. They all prayed together and loved on each other, as the Holy Spirit did his work through each Christian there.

I am blown away by what I'm watching. It's been a wrestling match this week as I've preached to this group, but God has been faithful and reminded me of my call: preach the truth and let him handle the response.

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