Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update from Wednesday Night...

Where in the heck am I supposed to begin? I will do my best.

  • We finished up the series called, "Moxie" - a study on boldness.  We look at having boldness to BE the Church, boldness to COME to God and together, and finished up with boldness to GO after the lost.  POWERFUL SERIES!!! Seriously!!! We had people come forward last night, filling out a card to commit to being committed to GOING OUT on their campuses/workplaces/neighborhoods for Jesus.

  • We baptized three people last night.  We planned on one, prepared for two and dunked three.  The last guy didn't plan it and went in his clothes.  He went home wet.  SO AWESOME!!!!

  • I spoke with a man who was watching the service online.  While watching it he felt the need to come to the church.  So he walked to the church and said that he was supposed to speak with me.  So after the worship service, we got a chance to talk.  I asked  what he was supposed to talk to me about and he said, "I don't know."  Honestly, it's a tough thing to go onto the next part of a conversation when the initiator of that conversation doesn't know what we're supposed to talk about.  So I asked if he knew Jesus.  He said that he had known God all of his life.  So I talked to him about the need to make a real decision for Jesus because we aren't born into a relationship with God.  I told him that Jesus was the only way, and he said, "If the name for God is Jesus, I'm fine with that."  I told him about how there is salvation only through Christ.  He proclaimed Christ as his Lord right there.  I then prayed over him with James Braum, proclaiming freedom and liberty from those addictions that he was struggling with.  WE PRAYED BIG!!!! As he walked away, I stopped and thanked Jesus for the technology that is used at PFB to reach people, and the tech crew that makes it happen.  This man came to Jesus because he was watching the service online and felt the need to come to the church.  AWESOME!!!

  • I had two people come up and tell me that they want to get baptized the next time we have a service (which is the first Wednesday of October if you want to join us).

God is at work.  He is on the move and I am blown away.  But it's only just begun.  The best is yet to come.  Thank you for praying.


  1. Brian,
    Last night was totally awesome. I really know that God is doing something here. It is awesome to see the greatest miracle of all; the transformation of someones heart!!!! I love this.

  2. I saw you praying with that man! So amazing!

    Speaking of technology, Ashley Hernandez told me of a message she received on Facebook from a random guy, Joey, who was so intrigued by her page (which is always praising God) and her love for Jesus. He said that her love for Jesus drew him to her page.

    She invited him out to Wednesday night and he couldn't make it last week. This week,I met him (not knowing it was him at first) and he said it was his first time there and that he messaged Ashley about her page. Instantly, I said "Oh my gosh! She told me about you! It's so awesome you're here!" He told me he was "open to all religions" and that he had "never seen this many college kids like this. It's usually old people at mass for Christmas or Easter."

    We sat together, and after baptisms (which he clapped for) he said "that was crazy!" with a smile on his face. Afterwards, he went to life groups and then to Yardhouse with a group of my friends. I got to have awesome conversation with him and he said that church was "awesome, that Brian guy is funny!":). He said for the past couple months he had been partying a lot and evaluating his life, seeing that partying would get him nowhere. He had asked God ti give him different friends and to help him. God had been tugging on his heart and led him to PFB!

    Keep him in your prayers! Praise God for technology!!!! :)

  3. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!

  4. God is doing incredible things at PFB. This church has been beyond a blessing to me since I have moved to California. I am growing every week, and learning so much! Not only from the sermons, but from my peers in worship, and also through worship leaders and other leaders. PFB's loving staff and volunteers are so anointed, and ready to welcome all new students and visitors. :D Wednesday night services just wake me up at a perfect time! the middle of the week... So excited for all that is happening...Even I have had a friend who grew up banned from even mentioning God in her household, come to know the Lord, love him and make the decision of Salvation at PFB. She is so excited about getting to know God, reading her bible, and now she has made awesome christian friends in college who are encouraging her and accompaning her in her walk. God is just amazing!!! Im ALWAYS marveled at what he is

  5. Jessica,
    You have no idea how much you just encouraged myself and the entire Next Gen staff at PFB. I forwarded your words on to them and they are flipping out. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. You have no idea what you just for all of us. God bless you, sis.