Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just Let Go

"Be still and know that I am God..." — Psalm 46:10, ESV

"The Hebrews word for 'be still' literally means, 'let go.' It tells us to cease striving at the level of human effort" (Wilson, Pete, Empty Promises; Thomas Nelson, Nashville. pg. 88)

Just let go. Do you remember the first roller coaster that you ever road? I'm not talking about the little kids one. I'm talking about one of those big ones. My first one: Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland. And honestly: I was terrified. Even though I was riding it with my parents, I was still terrified. I had never been on anything so fast (even though I wasn't aware that driving to Disneyland meant that we actually went faster on the freeway than on Thunder Mountain). The first time was scary, but there was an excitement still. And then I went on it again and again. And then I became more brave. I actually let go of the crossbar and put my hands in the air. That's right: NO HANDS!!!

Remember when you could do that? Remember when things were simpler — those days when you were younger. You just knew that everything would be okay. To let go of the crossbar on a roller coaster was a thrill. You didn't think about the "what if" but rather just let go and accepted whatever came.

Do you ever wonder if God is trying to get us back to that place again when it comes to our walking with him? "Let go and know that [he] is God." That's it. Those things that are scary to do. That line that is difficult and intimidating to cross. He may be calling us to finally let go of the worries that entangle us. He may be calling us to LET GO!!! So, LET GO!!!

"Be still and let go of your own understanding.
"Be still and let go of your own human efforts.
"Be still and let go of your desire for more power.
"Be still and let go of your need to control outcomes.
"Be still.
"Be still and be reminded that you are finite... but God is infinite.
"Be still and let God be God in the most intimate places of your life. Because in the end, that's the only power that will change anything" (Wilson, Pete, pg. 88).

So... LET GO!!!

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