Monday, March 12, 2012

Prayer for this week

Hey all,
Here's a quick update from FLOOD last Wednesday night:

  • We saw three people stand to surrender to Jesus.
  • We baptized three people (one of those was one of the ones who stood up to surrender to Jesus).
Here's where we are for this coming week:
  • This week I am speaking at Western Christian High School for their spiritual emphasis week. So I will be speaking there every day at noon. The theme: "rooted in Christ." It started off well today. Looking forward to some great stuff for the rest of the week.
  • This Wednesday night at FLOOD we are continuing through the book of Philippians in our series called, "Check Your Attitude." It was a great start to the series last week. Looking for even better this week.
  • This Thursday morning I am teaching at Crossroads Junior High School in Corona. I always love my time with these students.
  • On Sunday morning, I get the opportunity to teach the Duets class at PFB at 8:30. After that I will be teaching the junior high students of PFB at 9:45. It's a full day but absolutely love it.
Thanks for praying.

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