Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When We're Proud of Dad

A few weeks ago I experienced the most draining and exhausting hour of my life. It wasn't me working out with Insanity. It wasn't me running a marathon. It was me volunteering in my boy's kindergarten class. OH MY!!! Kindergarten teachers - you are my heroes.  :)

As all of the kids sat on the carpet in their squares, I was sitting on a counter in the back of the room.  My boy's teacher said, "Now we have some helpers here today that have never helped before."  There was another woman who was volunteering as well.  The teacher had this woman stand up and asked, "Now who does she belong to?" A little girl stood up and told everyone that she was her grandma. It was cute. And then it was my turn. There I was, all 6'5", 250 pounds of me standing before a group of kindergarteners.  The thing is: I think I was more nervous of them than they were of me.  She then asked the questions, "Now who does he belong to?"  My boy, Dylan, shot up.  She then asked him, "Well who is he"? Dylan, without any hesitation and with all confidence and excitement said, "That's my dad."

My heart melted. My boy was proud of me. My boy was proud that I was his dad. He was so proud that he told the whole classroom that he and I were together.

After finishing that morning, I walked to the car still thinking about what had happened. I was so touched by the fact that my boy wanted everyone else to know that I was his dad. And then it happened. As I walked I heard the Holy Spirit say, "That's what I feel like when you stand up for me."

Realize this: when we stand up for our Heavenly Father, uniting ourselves to him and saying that we belong to him in Christ, I am convinced that he is touched by the fact that his children are willing to stand and say, "That's my dad."

Be blessed today, and look for ways to be a blessing to Jesus.

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