Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heaven Celebrated With the Hollands

This past Sunday evening I went to the store for Kelley while she was putting the boys to bed.  When I got home, I went upstairs to hear a theological conversation between Kelley and the boys.  Dylan, our 5-year-old, kept asking questions.  Those questions were answered which led to more questions.  And these were good questions.  Kelley then told him about his need for Jesus.  Dylan looked at her and said, "I want Jesus in my heart." AND MY JAW DROPPED!!! It was all him.  It was completely his decisions.

She led him through prayer, and Dylan surrendered to Jesus.  And his prayer was absolutely beautiful.  We walked out after saying goodnight to the boys and went downstairs.  When we got downstairs we just stared at each other.  We prayed together and thanked Jesus.

We are so thankful.  We are so excited.  I just had to share with you what happened so that you know what all of that partying in heaven was all about on Sunday night.

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  1. All glory and praise to Jesus!! INCREDIBLE!! It was a blessing to read that.