Thursday, June 2, 2011

FLOOD UPDATE: You Just Had To Be There

Last night was ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!!! Seriously.  Here's a run-down of what went on:

1).  The worship was powerful and mind-blowing from the very first strum of the guitar.  People came PREPARED to worship Jesus.  There was no need to get warmed up and then get into it slowly.  Rather, everyone came prepared.

2).  I preached on all of Psalm 139.  Here are the key points of the message:
     a).  God knows you.
     b).  God is with you.
     c).  God created you.
     d).  God listens to you.
     e).  There's a need to submit under his authority.

3).  The baptisms were a blast.  And honestly because of those baptisms, we saw a lot of new people at FLOOD last night.  We baptized 3 people last night, bringing the total as of January 2011 to 51 people that have been baptized on Wednesday nights at FLOOD.  This never gets old.

4).  We partied.  We celebrated before God in all that he has been doing, but especially last night.  Every time that we have a baptism service, we will throw a party called, "The Encore."  It was a blast.

5).  During the last song of worship, Jarret invited people to come forward and kneel at the step if they were needing prayer.  After the invitation, I saw between 30-40 people at the steps of the stage, crying out to Jesus.  As they were crying out, others from FLOOD came up behind them and started praying.  It was absolutely mind-blowing.

I had to pass this on to you.  Thank you, Jesus, for all that you're up to.  And I'm still convinced: the best is yet to come.

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